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On Suffering and the role of the Holy Spirit

Today we will finish our series of sermons on suffering. What we have learned is that God the Father not only hears and understands our suffering but The God of Abraham and Sarah actually comes through in the clutch for real people in actual places.

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Romans 7

Our 4 year old granddaughter and 21 month year old grandson live 3000 miles away. So we have to rely on Facebook posts sometimes. Last night’s post from our daughter in law was classic.

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Romans 6

This past week, through no planning on our part, Memorial sent a mission team to Cuba. What made the news was President Obama’s speech and the Rolling Stones, but the real story is the spiritual awakening of the Cuban people.

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Palm Sunday 2016

Have you ever had a really amazing weekend when you felt a sense of accomplishment and then everything fell apart the next week? A week when all kinds of unexpected things happened?

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Introduction to Book of Romans

This year is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s lectures on the Book of Romans. It was those lectures that set in motion a historical period we call the Reformation. The Reformation transformed all of Europe and laid the foundation for the first European Americans to build their city on a hill.

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