Our mission in Cuba has turned a corner this week! A shipping container loaded with the necessary materials to build a farm house was sealed and is now on the way to our partners in Varadero, Cuba. The items and materials in the container will become the farmhouse for the existing pineapple farm and future pig farm and included electrical and plumbing materials, a kitchen sink, refrigerator and a complete bathroom as well as material to divide it into individual rooms complete with windows and doors.

In addition to the farmhouse, two new complete greenhouses were included in the container, two washers and a dryer, two additional refrigerators, 4,000 reading glasses and hundreds of pounds of clothes. We are also shipping several pallets of items for Varadero Presbyterian Church, and several other ministries in Cuba.

We give thanks to all who are involved in the Cuba ministry and the effort made to raise the funds for this project.  As we send this container off, it is exciting to see the first phase of this project moving forward.

The ground breaking for the foundation for the farmhouse should take place during the next mission trip, later this month.

For more information about this or any Memorial mission, please contact Jen Thron.