“Christianity without discipleship is Christianity without Christ”

– Dietrich Bonheoffer


Does the gospel we preach produce disciples or does it produces consumers of religious goods and services? If a disciple is a follower of a particular teacher, who is our teacher and what is he or she telling us? With lots of teachers to choose from, every appetite can be teased. As Christians our teacher is Jesus Christ, yet saying we follow Jesus is different than actually following Jesus. This is why we need discipleship.

Discipleship, at its core, is not a program, a production line, just for beginners, leaders, the highly literate or even people who like structure. Discipleship is a necessity for the Christian life.  Christian discipleship is about sitting at the feet of Jesus in a small group to read Scripture,  pray, talk about life and in that community setting discern what God is calling us to do right now. Faith that embraces discipleship is only real when actively obeying God. Faith that embraces discipleship distinguishes itself from mere agreement or intellectualization. Faith that embraces discipleship is thoughtful obedience rather than religious words.

So how do we do this? How do we live as disciples? How can our life of faith have a more intentional purpose and direction? The answer is to get involved. Our church offers many small group communities in which the Bible is studied, fellowship is shared and prayer transforms. It’s about meeting together in order to be disciples together.

One area we have continually seen discipleship flourish is in our small group communities. It’s in a more intimate context we are able to be vulnerable, real and influenced one another to continue following Christ.  Come and check one out.