“I will thank you forever because you have done it. I will wait for you name, for it is good in the presence of the godly.”

– Psalm 52:9


MPC Family,

Thank you for the gift of a sabbatical. It was a wonderful season of renewal, discovery and prayer.

One of the highlights was visiting different churches and connecting with other pastors. We had many opportunities to worship and meet people outside our normal context. As a result of this process, I am returning with lots of gratitude for God’s good work at Memorial.

Our trip back was beautiful. We worked our way out of California, through Nevada to Utah and into Zion National Park. The canyons were amazing and we enjoyed hiking and visiting different sites. We then drove down to Flagstaff, AZ and stopped for a few nights. From there, we drove down to Sedona, AZ, known for red rocks and breathtaking beauty. We worked our way back through New Mexico, and Texas just in time for a brutal heat wave. Thank God for air conditioning! We finished the route by driving through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Again, I am very grateful for this time to step away and see what God is doing. God is good and that will be the main theme with which I am returning.

God bless you all and I’ll see you soon!